TMMonitorTM (LodestarTM ) is a turbine power plant maintenance software that is firmly based on the best expertise and experience in the field. It allows plant owners and end users, GTUsers, to maintain all core power plant information. It also ensures big cost savings in turbine maintenance. TMMonitorTM (LodestarTM ) makes updating of your maintenance data, controlling your inventory and budget and planning of future inspections easy and straightforward. Data entered is available easily and fast for those who need it. You can have multiple plants and turbines installed in TMMonitor. TMMonitor is used in many gas turbine owning companies across the world.  Our customer interview you can read from:


Full maintenance history

Find all inspections made for each turbine including complete data with uploaded inspection reports and made service bulletins.

  • Inspection date and duration
  • Operating hours/starts and corresponding equal operating hours/starts at the time of inspection
  • Components in/out lists
  • Inspection reports, photos and notes
  • Inspection costs
  • Applied service bulletins
  • Pre/post inspection performance



Parts tracking with remaining lifetime

Monitor the status, history and remaining lifetime of parts through parts history and usage calculator

  • What parts are installed in different gas turbines
  • Current status –in operation, repaired on stock etc.
  • Which turbines each part is applicable to
  • Equivalent hours and starts and remaining lifetime prior repair and prior end of lifetime
  • Full operating and repair history including repair reports
  • Check how operating hours/starts affect the remaining lifetime and timing of next inspection
  • Future usage by the simulator
  • Tracking down to single items (blades)



Future planning and budgeting

Simulator provides you a tool for future planning

  • Tool to view how different annual operating hours/starts affect expected timing of scheduled maintenance events
  • Make inspection plans based on different operating scenarios
  • Total costs of new components, repairs and inspections
  • Get an inspection budget based on your inspection plans
  • Compare costs of multiple different simulations


Cost Savings - Minimize capital and repair costs by better parts rotation

Lodestar / TMMonitor provides an efficient method for overall management of maintenance inspections that serves all the parties in the organization when it comes to managing turbine parts and inspections and planning future maintenance measures.

  • Planning and budgeting of future maintenance needs can be made in a cost-efficient way. Through Lodestar / TMMonitor you know the complete, exact history of the turbine to establish an accurate future estimate.
  • Parts rotation can be optimized and new parts procured on time.
  • Parts cost history and remaining value is easily available.
  • Management of history information and maintenance planning is straightforward and saves time and money.




Information on maintenance inspections and parts available is easily and fast available to those who need it. Parts in operation, their useful remaining life and repair reports are immeadiately accessible in case of a forced outage situation. This gives time savings and shortens the outage.






Easy data entry by client

Information on maintenance inspections and parts available is easily and fast available to those who need it. Updating of the new inspections and parts database is easy and can be done where internet is available.

  • Directly in your browser - Lodestar / TMMonitor is easily accessible and operable by multiple users on any platform

  • As TMMonitor is operated through a web browser it does not require any investment in own data storages. You can use it in your PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • Make future inspection plans using simulator in the office with your team or through internet
  • Make inspection notes and take photos to TMMonitor beside the turbine during the course of a maintenance inspection
  • You can have different user levels from read only to full access depending on user requirements. User access levels can be controlled by the administrator of the end user organization.
  • Print part history for repair Vendors or allow access to TMMonitor for direct update of part repairs
  • Check content of part boxes at the warehouse through software QR codes

We value high availability, security and safety. Owner’s data is backed up regularly. You never lose your data.


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