About us

The official global online gas turbine end user meeting place – free of charge at your disposal

We at Gasre provide the user-friendly, easy-to-use online platform for gas turbine end users. On this online platform, gas turbine operation and maintenance managers can share experiences and promote the best technical solutions free of charge and on their own terms.

The platform is GTUsers.com, and it has become an invaluable online tool for end users all over the world. It is an important source of information for turbine end users. All in all, there is plenty of reason that GTUsers.com is being recognized throughout the Power Industry.

Currently, GTUsers.com is the official web service for the following gas turbines:

  • GE: Frame 6FA, Frame 9FA/FB, 9HA, Frame 9E, Frame 6B
  • Ansaldo Energia/GE: GT26, GT13E2
  • Siemens: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT5-2000E (V94.2), SGT800
  • Ansaldo Energia: AE94.3A, AE94.2
  • GE aero: LM6000, LM2500
  • Siemens: RB211
  • MHI: 701F

Also we have established own user group for Generators.

Gasre is constantly improving the platform. We are adding new features and paying close attention to the users’ needs. For instance, if your turbine model is not included in the list of gas turbines, it can be set up.

Maximum website security, gas turbine quality issues database, and other GTUsers.com features

GTUser.com is a web service and a portal for gas turbine end users only. It is a secure forum for exchanging gas turbine quality issues, selling and buying obsolete spare parts, and utilizing turbine engine knowledge and experiences. It is for the end users, by the end users, and only for real end users will have access to the website.

Furthermore, the different gas turbine end user groups make up all the rules and regulations of their group. They define the group’s mutually agreed upon rules, the group’s inner workings, as well as who can and who cannot take part in the group.

The GTUsers.com’s features include:

  • Complete power plant data base
  • Complete user data base
  • Online discussion FORUM
  • User conference page
  • Parts database
  • Quality issues database
  • Other useful information pages

Plant sales platform is one of the upcoming features that we are working on right now.

The platform is fully GDPR compliant with safe web services for the end users.

GTUsers.com – a brief history

End user conferences are a big part of Gasre’s and GTUsers.com’s end user support and activities. In a way, the end user meetings served as a starting point for the web portal.

The concise history of GTUsers.com looks like this (not including platform/portal updates, do-overs, etc.):

2000 GTUsers establisher Yrjo komokallio becomes the secretary of 6FA Group
2001 First 6FA Users Conference

GTUsers is established and Launch of GTUsers.com web portal for 6FA

GTUsers starts to organize annual 6FA end user conferences


GTUsers start to host 9FA/FB Group web services

GTUsers start to host GT26 Group web services

2009 GTUsers start to host V94.3A Group web services
2010 GTUsers start to host 6B and 9E Group web services
2011 GTUsers start to host GT13E2 Group web services
2012 GTUsers start to host V94.2 Group web services
2014 GTUsers start to organise V94.3A Users Conferences
2015 GTUsers.com starts to organize V94.2 Users Conferences
2016 LM6000/LM2500 Group joins GTUsers
2016 GTUsers start to organise GT26 Users Conferences
2018 GTUsers start to host SGT800 Group web services
2019 GTUsers start to organise F9FA/FB Users Conferences

GTUsers starts to organise Webinars supporting the in-person conferences

SGT800 webinar is organised first time


This brief overview does not include most of the end user meetings/conferences. To find out more about them, please read Gasre’s blog posts and/or visit the conference page at GTUsers.com.