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These pages are tailor made for Turbine End Users in order to improve their sharing of experience and to promote best technical solutions. is free to the end users and the service is powered by GASRE Oy. (Brochure) is the official web service for the following gas turbine end user groups:

  • GE turbines: Frame 6FA, Frame 9FA/FB, Frame 9E, Frame 6B, LM6000, LM2500
  • Alstom turbines: GT26, GT13E2
  • Siemens turbines: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT5-2000E (V94,2)
  • Rolls Royce turbines: RB211, Trent

To access the user pages or if your gas turbine model is not listed, please contact us through the Register page.

Sponsors; If you want to sponsor the end user platform, please be in contact with us through REGISTER page. We have different types of sponsor packages available.


Latest info

  • announces a new cooperation with European Turbine Networking (ETN). See the Press Release
  • Welcome Oil&Gas end users. LM6000 and LM2500 series pages are waiting for end users and we will create pages other models as requested.
  • GT13E2 turbine group platform is ready to go. WELCOME GT13E2 Users. If you cannot access with given SSO, please contact us through REGISTER page.
  • Welcome our new sponsors Sulzer and Gas Turbine Controls. Select the logo beside and see what they can offer for you.

 End User Conferences

Registered users; more information and conference registration at User Conference-page
Non-registered users; contact us through register-page

  • SGT5-4000F User Conference on 13-15 October 2015. Registration is OPEN!.
  • Frame 6B&9E User Conference on 13-16 October 2015. Registration is OPEN!
  • GT26 User Conference on 12-16 October 2015 .
  • Frame 9FA/FB User Conference on 2-5 November 2015.
  • RB211 User Meeting postponed. More information will be provided through FORUM.
  • V94.2 (SGT5-2000E) was held on 23-25 September 2014.
  • Frame 6FA (MS6001FA) User Conference was held on 14-16 April 2015.

Sponsors for 2015

  • Gas Turbine Controls, Ultimate resource for GE Speedtronic Solutions (TM)
  • PW Power Systems; Designs, manufactures and repairs components for use in IGT applications
  • Arnold Group; Maintenance solutions for Siemens VX4.3A and VX4.2 gas turbines.
  • Sulzer TurboServices; Designs, manufactures and repairs components for use in IGT applications.