Privacy Notice

Updated 30.5.2018

This document is a description of the processing of personal data of (registered) members of the user community and meeting attendees. It is in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Table of contents

Personal data processing and legitimacy
Transfer of personal information and data disclosure
Retention period of personal data
Rights of the data subject
Changes to this Privacy Notice


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Personal data processing and legitimacy

The purpose of collecting the personal data of the members of the user community is to maintain memberships. has a feature that enables members to see other members of the same turbine type and to communicate with each other.

The purpose of collecting meeting attendees’s personal information is to maintain data of end user meeting participants during meetings/conferences/events.

Personal data is also used for direct marketing. Messages from selected sponsors and notifications relating to the turbine types of the end users are sent via the service. End user meeting/conference organizer, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and contributing suppliers send product information to attendees / participants via the service.

The legitimacy for the user community’s personal data processing and direct marketing is the legitimate intrest of the community. The legitimacy for personal data processing of end user meeting and conference attendees / participants is the agreement, and the legitimacy for direct marketing is legitimate interest.

Profiling and automatic decision making

There is no profiling of personal data to evaluate personal qualities of the data subjects. There is no automatic decision-making process whereby decisions with legal effects or other significant effects to the data subjects would be made that would be based solely on automated data processing.

Transfer of personal information and data disclosure

Personal data is transferred to billing software, accounting software and to the subcontractor responsible for accountancy when necessary.

Meeting / end user conference attendance may be paid as an online payment instead of invoice billing, whereby the data subject provides the necessary personal data directly to the company responsible for handling online payments (Paytrail).

Data processing takes place in its software that is located on a subcontractor’s server in Finland (Nebula).

Data will only be used for’s own and statutory needs. Data will not be disclosed to third parties. Data will only be processed within the EU.

Retention period of personal data

Personal information collected to the user community will be stored until the user no longer wishes to be in service of the community or leaves his/her company or no longer uses the turbine type of the end user community.

Data of meeting / end user conference attendees is stored for six (6) years after the end date of the meeting.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the following rights:

  • to access personal information about you, including the right to receive a copy of your personal data,
  • to request a rectification of your personal information or to correct them yourself in the online service,
  • to request the deletion of your personal information, if they do not need to be stored for any other reason,
  • to restrict or object to the processing of his or her personal data as/whatever the case may be,
  • to restrict data processing and data transferring from one system to another, and to object to data processing, if the conditions of the applicable legistlation are met.

You may submit your request for exercising these rights by contacting the email address mentioned above in the Controller. We may need to verify your identity. We will notify you should we be unable to fulfill your request in any respect.

Right to withdraw consent

As a member of the user community you have the right to withdraw a previously given consent for data processing, thus terminating your membership. However, you have the right to ban direct marketing, that is, to prohibit the use of personal data for direct marketing. This can be done directly in the service itself by the data subject.

Consent to personal data processing cannot be withdrawn by the end user meeting / conference attendees because it is related to legality. Attendees / participants can, however, revoke their consent to direct marketing. As an attendee you can prohibit the user of personal data for direct marketing by sending your request to the email address mentioned above in the Controller.

Right of appeal to data protection officer

The data subject has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority or with the data protection officer of the Member State of the European Union where the data subject is a resident or where his/her workplace is located, if the data subject considers that the personal data has not been processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is subject to updates as services evolve and legislation changes. Data subjects will be informed of all major privacy notice and terms of service updates.