GT26 Users Conference 2024



Highlights of GTUsers GT26 Users Conference 2024

On Monday, March 4th, 2024, the GT26 User Conference began with a casual evening reception. This year, the GT26 conference was held in Dubai, UAE, marking the first GTUsers conference organized in the city. The event featured a plethora of discussion topics and lively presentations from end-users, third parties, and the OEM Ansaldo Energia and GE Vernova. If you missed this unforgettable experience, don't worry! You can learn about all the webinars, conferences, and upcoming meetings at So, why not join us for the next one and become a part of the user group? Register here




Users Day

On Tuesday, Dr. Chris Whitney, the chairman of the group, opened the conference, which traditionally began with a focus on end users. The day was dedicated to end user presentations, engaging Q&A sessions, and technical discussions among participants.

The user day featured a variety of technically detailed and versatile presentations, including:

1.   Hydrogen conversion feasibility study, exploring the potential for GT26 operations on hydrogen blends.

2.   Major outage experience, delving into the technical intricacies of outage findings, modifications, and solutions.

3.   Owner upgrades implementation to enhance station reliability.

4.   Findings from A and B Inspections leading to early rotor removal and exhaust gas housing cracking issues.

5.   GT Forced Outage due to Compressor Failure, which necessitated extensive repairs including blade and vane replacements.

6.   Compressor CV15 & 16 liberation events, and proactive mitigation strategies.

7.   LP-OTC findings and inspection methods, along with required repairs and root cause analysis.

User Q&A session and LP OTC survey.

Detailed presentations from the user day are available on, accessible to all registered GT26 end users.

Vendor fair was running during coffee breaks and during dedicated time prior lunch breaks. Vendors specifically having solutions for GT26 gas turbine had the opportunity to meet the end users and discuss technical solutions available.

Many more topics were discussed including a lot of technical information and experience sharing between end users during the user Q&A session.




Ansaldo Energia

On Wednesday, OEM Ansaldo Energia took center stage, kicking off with a technical Q&A session aimed at addressing pre-submitted inquiries from end users. Ansaldo Energia provided comprehensive responses to various technical queries, delving into topics such as the distinctions between the 2006 and 2011 versions of GT26, updates on the latest recommendations for replacing structural components in the GT26 Gas Turbine, technical advancements in exhaust gas housing design, and the underlying causes behind unscheduled rotor inspection.
During their presentations, Ansaldo Energia elaborated on several key topics, offering detailed insights into the following areas

Ansaldo Energia Technical Updates:
•    Fleet Experience
•    Repair Capabilities & Updates
•    GT26 Component Repairs
•    Latest Results in Hydrogen Implementation
•    Steam Turbine Service and Solutions for Wire Wooling and Casings Sealing
•    Re-insulation of rotor winding: an on-site experience

Ansaldo Energia Modernization & Upgrades:
•    Return of Experience – Success Stories
•    MXL3 Performance Upgrade Experiences
•    Control System Modernization
•    Lifecycle Management

Additionally, Ansaldo Energia hosted "Meet the Specialist" sessions during coffee breaks, allowing users to engage in one-on-one discussions with AE's technical experts.
Detailed presentations from the Ansaldo day are available on, accessible to all registered GT26 end users.



GE Vernova

On Thursday, GE Vernova led the conference with comprehensive presentations showcasing their services and products tailored for the GT26 fleet. Giancarlo Ruggieri, GE's GT26 senior product manager, initiated the day with an update on the GT26 fleet, setting the tone for the event. GE delved into solutions for enhanced outage management with their "Live Outage" feature, followed by an extensive question-and-answer session where they addressed various inquiries from end users.

During the Q&A session, GE delved into significant topics including the current commercial availability of Extended Low Part Load (eLPL) and Dynamic Combustion Control (DCC). They also addressed issues such as TIL 2486 concerning Steam Turbine Single Flow Rotor Inspection and shared operational experiences with Impingement Plates. The discussion was highly active overall, reflecting the engagement and interest of the participants.

Following the Q&A, GE facilitated a "Meet the Specialists" session, offering breakout sessions for users to engage in detailed discussions with GE specialists on topics ranging from GT Flange to Flange, Steam, HRSG, Generator, Operability & Controls, to Field Services - Live Outage.

After the breakout sessions, GE continued with an extensive update on multiple Technical Information Letters (TILs) and Control System Updates. They concluded the day with a detailed presentation on the latest H2 results and the feasibility of utilizing H2 in GT26 GT. Before wrapping up, GE provided an in-depth overview of the scope of GT26 HE upgrades.
Post-event, GE also hosted an optional session focusing on a deep dive into decarbonization, highlighting their commitment to addressing industry challenges and driving innovation forward.

Detailed presentations from the GE Vernova day are available on, accessible to all registered GT26 end users.



3rd Party Service Providers

At the conference, a diverse array of third-party service providers were present, offering support, answering end users' questions, and showcasing their solutions. All presentations from the event are accessible on for registered end users.

Emerson delivered an in-depth presentation highlighting solutions for upgrading legacy control systems within the GT26 fleet, emphasizing their expertise in control system retrofits and upgrades.

Dekomte showcased their comprehensive solutions encompassing Exhaust Expansion Joints, HRSG ISD Side Wall Penetration Seals, and Diffuser Pumpable, offering detailed insights into maintenance, inspection criteria, and technical parameters. Additionally, Dekomte presented their latest R&D projects focusing on hydrogen and smart sensor technology

Arnold introduced their cutting-edge Turbine Insulation System and Steam Turbine Warming System tailored for GT26 & KA26, showcasing their market-leading position. Arnold's insulation system relies on precisely shaped 3-dimensional insulation blankets, ensuring an ideal fit to turbine surfaces and offering numerous benefits including:

• Enhanced In Market Availability (IMA)
• Decreased Start-up costs and time
• Mitigated thermal fatigue leading to longer component Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
• Improved operational flexibility
• Enhanced monitoring and diagnostics for Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) programs







ABB introduced their GT26 Turbine Control System Evolution Process and their capabilities to support GT26 fleet.

AVS presented a comprehensive case study focusing on the single path/multi-stage and multi-path/multi-stage design of OTC valves. OTC vessels play a critical role in delivering cooled compressor air to safeguard the gas turbine's first two stator rows and the combustion chamber. AVS conducted an in-depth analysis detailing the changes and enhancements achieved through their Single Path/Multi-Stage Design control valve. This included precise definition of pressure drop per stage to prevent cavitation and ensure stable control across all load conditions and stroke values.

HTS/AP4 provided a presentation focusing on commissioning solutions aimed at optimizing reliability and performance. They extensively covered HTS solutions and upgrades tailored for the GT26 fleet, including topics such as the flame monitoring system, pulsation monitoring, ATOs upgrades, commissioning processes, HRSG tuning, and AVR and SFC control upgrades.

Detailed presentations from the vendors are available on, accessible to all registered GT26 end users.

In the GT26 user conference there were also present multiple other important 3rd party service providers:

Minimax Fire protection; For more than 110 years, Minimax has been one of the leading brands in fire protection. The Minimax Fire Solutions Group has a unique range offering of Fire detection systems and suppression control, Water-based suppression systems, Foam-based suppression systems.

MeeFog: MeeFog systems have been installed on over 90,000 MW of gas turbine capacity. With over 1,000 systems installed, the power boost from installed MeeFog inlet air fogging systems exceeds 9,000 MW.

Freudenberg Filtration: Filtration solutions from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies reliably remove particles from the intake air of gas turbines and compressors, prevent fouling and maximize both their performance and overall cost efficiency.

Faist Filtration; FAIST continuously researches media and develops latest air filtration technologies. Important focus is placed on water removal, water resistance and long life, whether with traditional or EPA efficiency.

ITH Bolting technology; ITH Bolting Technology is the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology with 4 key competencies:
1.    high-quality bolting tools,
2.    engineering know-how,
3.    innovative fasteners,
4.    and qualified service.

CC Jensen: Oil Filtration Filters for steam, gas & hydro turbines removing harmful contaminants from governor & lube oil systems, cleaning all types of oil like gear oils to increase reliability & availability and reduce the risk of unplanned breakdowns and outages.

UMC Industrial Solutions; Creates savings through the efficiency of the purchasing process which in turn leads to further savings in indirect costs. UMC provides bench tools, gloves, work clothes, protective footwear, various consumables, tools for machining, welding products and many more.

EMW Filtration: Whether your plant is a peaker or a base-load station, we can upgrade your gas turbines' performance with expertly engineered systems and solutions made up of our coalescers, pocket filters, filter cells, (H)EPA filters and other high-performance components.

Vendor fair