GTUsers F9FA/FB/H Users Conference 2023

The annual Frame 9FA/FB and H User Group Conference took place in Athens, Greece. For the first time, a 9HA meeting ran parallel to the 9FA/FB sessions. This year, we are delighted to announce a record-breaking participation of over 120 gas turbine (GT) end-users from around the world. The event featured a plethora of discussion topics and lively presentations from end-users, third parties, and the OEM GE.

If you missed this unforgettable experience, don't worry! You can learn about all the webinars, conferences, and upcoming meetings at So, why not join us for the next one and become a part of the user group?



Users Session

The first day was exclusively dedicated to end users, featuring a series of insightful case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Additionally, an End Users Q&A session concluded the day, where questions submitted by users as part of the pre-conference questionnaire were discussed in detail. Quality data questionnaires, filled out by the users during the day, were analyzed for valuable insights.

Simultaneously, the 9HA meeting took place in another room during the user day.

The Q&A session played a crucial role, with pre-submitted user questions extensively discussed and results recorded for future reference. Topics covered included Start/Stop cycles and their impact on the hot section, autotune features and shortened startup time, user experiences with upgrades, including AGP and parts lifetime/condition at first inspection, insights on rotor and compressor LTE.

Also auxiliaries were covered such as lube oil varnish issues, fire protection upgrades, LFO operation, and generator rewinding.


Summary of the presentations during the user day:

  • Experience and Challenges with Start Limit-Driven Maintenance Intervals: As power plants transition to more "cyclic operations," the significance of start-driven maintenance intervals is on the rise. Exploring the challenges posed by increased start cycles and the resulting fatigue on components is a key focus.
  • Dynamic Pressure Issue in DLN2.6+ with Advance Gas Path (AGP) and R0 Erosion: The presentation delves into R0 erosion and examines potential root causes, including online water wash, fogging systems, and the impact of rainwater or any liquid.
  • S2B TIL2055 Experience
  • Insights into the Uncontrollable Oil Ingress Issue on 330H Hydrogen-Cooled Generators.
  • 9HA various topics and extensive sharing of experience and learning as many Plants are in their early life


All presentations are available at If you own and operate a F9FA/FB or H gas turbine and are not part of GTUsers Users Group, please visit now and register.


GE Vernova

This year, GE kicked off their day by addressing pre-submitted questions from users, providing comprehensive responses in a deep dive into technical issues faced by end users. Time reserved for the Q&A session was much longer this year and GE provided detailed answers to all end user raised questions.  


The GE day featured discussions on the following main topics:

  • Safety, Quality, and Outage Execution
  • 9F Fleet Update
  • Fleet Operation and Q&A for pre-submitted user questions
  • Repair Network and Technologies
  • New Combustor DLN Evo
  • Live Outage: Panel feedback on execution
  • Plant Essentials: Gen, ST, and HRSG services

Additionally, GE hosted Break Out Sessions focusing on:

  1. Gas Turbine (Compressor, Combustor, Turbine)
  2. Generator & Electrical Systems
  3. Accessories Operability/Controls & ST & HRSG
  4. FieldCore & Repair

Optional extra sessions by GE covered:

  1. Gas Power & Nexus: Combined Portfolio & What’s Next - Cyber Security,
    HMI / Platform, Lifecycle Offerings
  2. OpFlex and Digital Solutions
  3. Parts and Supply Chain Update
  4. Consulting Services


3rd Party Service Providers



MD&A showcased their solutions and services tailored for 330H Generators.

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) offers OEM-alternative services, parts, and repairs globally for Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines & Generators. Our technical expertise covers planned and forced outages, including alignment, performance testing, and control & excitation systems. MD&A specializes in repairing 9FA Combustion & Turbine parts, extending their life, and providing replacements.

MD&A's Generator experts addressed in their presentation the stator bar issues and explained their corrective actions, including field and stator rewinds with robotic on-site inspections.


PSM & Thomassen Energy

PSM & Thomassen delivered a presentation showcasing their capabilities for the 9F fleet, covering:

  • Frame 9F.03 Product & Services
  • Upgraded turbine hardware
  • Plant Optimization, Fuel Flexibility including H2
  • Repair, Field Service, M&D available globally
  • Transactional / Frame Agreement / LTSA
  • 9F Turbine Section – Reliability Enhancements
  • 9F.03 Fleet Experience•    9F.03 Repair Experience
  • Rotor Refurbishment and Life Time Extension
  • Turbine Upgrades – Maximizing Operational Flexibility
  • Controls
    On-Site Optimization   
    Advanced Monitoring   
    Data Insights
  • ARES Model Based Controller
  • Energy Transition Challenges
  • Hydrogen Capable Combustion System

Arnold Group

Phil Arnold from the Arnold Group delivered a presentation on their successful Advanced Single Layer Turbine Warming System, featuring a case study on the axial flow steam turbine warming system. This innovative system utilizes precisely crafted 3-dimensional insulation blankets, ensuring a perfect fit to the turbine surface.

Key Advantages:

  • Enhanced In Market Availability (IMA)
  • Reduced Startup Costs and Time
  • Mitigated Thermal Fatigue, Resulting in Longer Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for components
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Improved Monitoring and Diagnostics for Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Programs

Arnold's comprehensive services for gas turbines encompass:

  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Mobile On-Site Machining Services
  • Provision of Temporary Workers for Mechanical Field Service
  • Steam Turbine Heating System for Expedited Startups


During the annual 9FA/B User Group, EthosEnergy presented its capabilities and ongoing development programs for F-technology gas turbines, specifically focusing on rotor solutions. The presentation covered successfully implemented projects and factory capabilities supporting power plants with GE Heavy Gas Turbines. EthosEnergy discussed re-engineering of rotor components, advanced NDE techniques for residual life assessment, and showcased internal manufacturing capabilities with detailed pictures of machined rotor components.

Through redesigning critical rotor components and employing advanced NDE plans, EthosEnergy offers GE gas turbine users various rotor solutions, including Conditions Based Life Extension (CBLE), Certified Previously Operated (CPO) rotors, Phoenix™ rotors, and manufacturing of new rotors. This approach aligns with the circular economy and EthosEnergy's commitment to reducing the environmental footprint, assessed through approved Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

The presentation also introduced EthosEnergy's Remote Performance Center in Houston, providing 24/7 remote plant operations support and advanced asset monitoring. The ECOMAX® automated tuning and performance add-on, which avoids combustion dynamics while optimizing performance and controlling emissions, were highlighted.



DEKOMTE de Temple provides innovative and high-quality expansion joint solutions for enhancing the reliability of 9FA/B combined cycle power plants. With over 45 years of experience, DEKOMTE is a specialist engineering company that manages the entire product lifecycle, from initial design to maintenance. Their expertise extends across various industries, including CCGT and OCGT power plants worldwide.

DEKOMTE has supplied both OEM and retrofit equipment to the 9FA/B fleet, addressing components such as the GT exhaust diffuser, HRSG inlet expansion joint, penetration seals, and HRSG outlet expansion joint. They emphasize the integration of expansion joints as integral parts of the duct system, considering factors like frame connection, insulation systems, liner plates, and expansion joint membranes to achieve optimized solutions.

Engineering support, including annual inspections and life-time assessments, is a crucial aspect of DEKOMTE's proactive maintenance approach. The company offers annual plant surveys and condition monitoring to ensure ongoing reliability. Additionally, their customer service team is readily available post-installation for assistance, inquiries, or product replacements.


National Electric Coil (NEC)

NEC presented their services and capabilities in generator services, offering design and engineering resources for upgrading, uprating, repairing, and optimizing generators of any make or model, including all 9FA/9FB generators. Their comprehensive generator service capabilities include high voltage stator coil manufacturing up to 26KV and 1000MW, rotor coil manufacturing, and rotor high-speed balancing with running electrical testing.



Minimax highlighted the critical importance of addressing fire risks in gas turbines for industrial safety. TurbineProtect, a flexible fire protection solution, integrates industrial fire detectors with various suppression technologies, including CO2 high and low-pressure systems, Oxeo inert gas systems (using argon or nitrogen), and Minifog ProCon XP high-pressure water mist systems. This tailored and reliable solution can be customized to meet site-specific needs, providing comprehensive protection against potential hazards such as oil leaks and high temperatures.

For hydrogen production facilities, Minimax also offers specialized fire protection solutions to efficiently meet diverse customer requirements.


Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies delivers a performance advantage for your gas turbines by meticulously considering your site's climate conditions, individual machine specifications, and the available space in the filter house. Tailoring high-quality air filtration solutions to your unique needs, we ensure the effective elimination of dust, moisture, and salt.

Freudenberg’s proprietary filter media, utilized in Viledon high-efficiency gas turbine solutions, stands as a testament to exceptional performance and extended filter lifetimes. These solutions go beyond efficient dust removal – they actively prevent fouling and corrosion of turbine blades. By enhancing turbine reliability, Viledon filters play a pivotal role in eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs.



Other significant third parties were also in attendance:18

Meefog systems
Reman Europe Ltd

ITH Bolting Technologies
Turbine Services Ltd.
Rochem Technical Services