V94.2 (SGT5-2000E/AE94.2) Users Conference 2023 in Rome

Highlights of GTUsers AE94.2/SGT5-2000E Conference 2023

Get ready to relive the excitement of the first GTUsers user conference of 2023, held from February 27th to March 2nd! After a long wait due to Covid, the conference brought together a diverse group of participants including end-users, third parties, and OEMs from different companies and regions. With a wide range of topics, lively discussions, and valuable feedback from attendees, it's no surprise that we're already planning to organize this conference again in 2024!

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Users Session

Day one of the conference was packed with excitement as end-users presented their short plant presentations, covering the most important events of the past three years. After such a long break since the last user meeting, it was a much-needed opportunity for participants to share and discuss their experiences.

Throughout the day, there were many key topics discussed, including the compressor vane carrier life limiting factors and plant solutions, plant peaking performance and flexibility, and operation experiences using Light Fuel Oil in DLN mode. Attendees also got to hear about exhaust diffuser cracking and new design experiences, as well as DCS plant control upgrade experiences, with tips for those planning their own control system upgrades.

Other notable topics included eHGPI experiences and inspection findings after 46,000 EOH, the modification of a CCPP into a synchronous condenser, rotor LTE and the rotor swap process, generator rotor coil failure and the corrective actions taken and Si3D+bearing upgrade. The day wrapped up with end user Q&A and discussions.

94.2 Plant




Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia met the end users of AE94.2 and SGT5-2000E gas turbine in Rome. Many topics have been submitted from the Users and the Steering Committee before and during the meeting, giving Ansaldo Energia the opportunity to reply in detail and to set up an effective session, placing the expertise at the core of its products and solutions.

Ansaldo day included the following main topic areas:

  1. Life extension of parts and maintenance updates
  2. Market Drivers Overview
  3. AE product portfolio including MXL2 Light and Full upgrades
  4. Cycling units issues and most critical parts to meet the lifetime
  5. Control system upgrade and migration capabilities
  6. Steam turbine services & solutions for cycling power plants
  7. AE meet the specialists: get in touch with digital and green tech products for energy transition

AE summarizing comments:
Ansaldo Energia presented the latest development and the return from the field, to face the current and future operation challenges and to catch the new market opportunities, together.


AE blades

Siemens Energy

On February 28 and March 1, #teampurple had the honor to be invited by #GTUsers to the V94.2 User Conference in Rome. What a difference to meet our customers in person after a two-year restriction to net meetings, due to the pandemic. We experienced great discussions during the marketplace showing us the deep interest of our customers in a broad field of topics.
Although the V94.2 (nowadays called SGT5-2000E) was born in 1981, this gas turbine frame nevertheless plays an important role in the #energytransition.

This has been shown on the basis of several presentations, e.g.:

  1. A recently finalized project with synchronized condensers for grid stabilization.
  2. Product development activities on ultrafast starts to ensure rapid load increase, e.g. to backup wind farms and photovoltaic plants.
  3. Hydrogen cofiring capabilities for #decarbonization.

Additionally, presentations were given about the new turbine blading Si3D+™ upgrade, lifecycle topics (e.g. extensions of intervals and end of lifetime), digitalization, and flexible operation. The high reliability and robustness of this type of gas turbine can be very well demonstrated by the fact that the customer of the first V94.2 still operates it (for 42 years) and participated in the conference.
We enjoyed the trustful exchange with our customers and hope to see all of them again next year.



3rd Party Service Providers

Planning a control upgrade – A case Study by Emerson, Laurence O'Toole / Emerson
Emerson presented what project steps are needed to make a successful control system upgrade:
  1. Define project objectives
  2. Vendor prequalification
  3. Defined scope in specification
  4. Application specific design
  5. Well defined engineering deliverables
  6. Complete drawing and engineering package
  7. HMI design
  8. Planned approach on SIL and Cybersecurity
  9. Customer participation in design reviews
  10. Panel testing - dynamic simulation
  11. Detailed outage planning with customer participation
  12. Allow sufficient time on schedule
An Emerson upgraded GT control system case study was reviewed where latest criteria set to control systems in cyber security, connections to enterprise systems, remote monitoring, and increase in SIL rating were implemented.


Sulzer upgrade of a V94.2 to version 7, Ervin Mom/ Sulzer

Sulzer Upgrade Case Study covered a project of a V94.2 to Version 7.

What is most valuable feature to the Client: Initial step in an upgrade project is to define what is the most important feature for the Operator:

  1. TBO extension
  2. Power & efficiency increase
  3. Both

Technical evaluation of the selected scope.

TBO extension covers possible life extension scope including damage mechanics analysis, condition of turbine components exposed to during operation and component material and coating features.

Sulzer can upgrade components from any version to the required version regarding TBO life and power & efficiency increase during a repair cycle or supply components with required design and base material.

Upgrade Strategy is established with the Client:

Aim to upgrade components during a regular outage and depending on the version of the components, their service life and the resulting component conditions, the:

  • Components can extend a longer service overhaul without upgrade requirement
  • Components require an upgrade that can be applied during a repair cycle
  • Components can not be upgraded during a repair cycle and replacement by upgraded new part is required

For the combination of TBO extension and power & efficiency increase Sulzer supplies and replaces components which has required properties for the upgrade.


Upograde V7
Advanced Steam Turbine Warming for high economic startup improvement, Werner Arnold / Arnold Group

Werner Arnold from Arnold Group made a presentation of their successful Advanced Single Layer Turbine Warming System including detailed axial flow steam turbine case study.
It is based on accurate 3-dimensional shaped insulation blankets for perfect fitting to turbine surface.


  • Increased IMA (In Market Availability)
  • Decreased Start-up costs/time
  • Reduced thermal fatigue and longer component MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Operational flexibility
  • Increased monitoring and diagnostics for CBM (Condition based maintenance) programs

 Arnold full services for gas turbines include:

  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Steam turbine heating system for fast start-ups
ST warming
Advanced exhaust expansion joints, DeKomte

Dekomte manufactures fabric and metallic expansion joints and bellows, designed and constructed to compensate for changes in length due to shifting temperatures in duct work. Axial, lateral and angular movements are compensated for.

DEKOMTE expansion joints are available in any geometric shape (round, square, oval, multi-sided) and in any size.

Dekomte explained their solution provider approach to the technologies, selection and criteria for proper expansion joint selection and maintenance, in particular:

  •     Expansion joints for V94.2.
  •     Custom designs available for V94.2 with special solutions for high cycling applications.

Dekomte also explained reasons for loss of insulation and effects of insulation loss. With DeKomte methods condition of insulation can be inspected at site and corrective solutions provided accordingly.