GT26 Users Conference 2022 in Rome

Highlights of GTUsers GT26 Conference 2022

A long awaited GT26 conference was held in Rome 14th-17th November. After 3 years of webinars only, the face to face live event felt like it was much needed and participants from different companies enjoyed to finally meet in person once again. Wide range of topics, lively discussions and high number of participants including 15 Sponsors made this event successful for End users, 3rd parties, Ansaldo Energia and GE Vernova.

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Users Session

The first day was dedicated to end users. The end user day consisted of numerous case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Users Q&A session was added in the end of the User Day where questions listed as part of the pre-conference questionnaire was discussed in detail between end users.

Some of the Key lessons discussed:

  • LP OTC Tube Leakage and HPT Vane Inspection Experiences
    • LP OTC leakage phenomenon was presented with temporary corrective actions and long-term solution with modifying the OTC principle of tube arrangement.
    • HPV inspection intervals, made observations and proposals for further operation.
  • Path to MXL3 upgrade
    • Improved performance required with higher efficiency, better flexibility and larger load range (lower turn down ratio).
    • Reduction of maintenance costs and longer inspection intervals.
    • Differences in MXL2 and MXL3 and reason to go with MXL3 upgrade.
    • Initial operational experience and reached performance values.
  • EV Front Plate Segments and combustor hardware integrity
    • Front segment disengagement and liner impingement plate issues and inspection findings together with recommended design changes were presented.
    • Users experience on EV front plate designs and materials.
  • Quality Challenges During Planned maintenance
    • Not all presentations were concentrating on technical problems and findings. Dalia made a very comprehensive presentation on quality approach for outage preparation including Quality audits, Quality reporting, verification of field procedures wit witness points and FME during re-assembly phase.
  • GT26 HE upgrade at Enfield Power station
    • New performance values reached.
    • Experience after first 8000WOH operation and main challenges faced.
    • Weighted operating hours versus operating cycles and benefits compared to earlier methods.

Vendor fair was running during coffee breaks and during dedicated time prior lunch breaks. Vendors specifically having solutions for GT26 gas turbine had the opportunity to meet the end users and discuss technical solutions available.

Many more topics were discussed including a lot of technical information and experience sharing between end users during the user Q&A session.

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Vendor fair

Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia day
OEM Ansaldo Energia joined the end users of GT26 gas turbine in Rome, for a profitable interaction. A remarkable opportunity to get in touch and face up the most relevant topics related to the operation and maintenance selected by the utilities. Awareness of the existing fleet, the market and the energy transition challenges and opportunities, Ansaldo Energia presented its vision of this gas turbine improvements. The continuous GT26 frame technology development makes up a wide offering product portfolio, including digital and decarbonization solutions, that was presented to the end users to support them in a sustainable and competitive energy transition.
Ansaldo day included the following main topic areas:

  • Technical Q&A session answering in detail to user questions raised prior the event. After the Q&A, "Meet the Specialists" session was held where End Users could interact with AE specialists and see actual products
  • GT26 upgrade products MXL2 and MXL3 and field experience. Low low turndown capabilities of GT26.
  • GT26 hydrogen capabilities today and what is available in the near future
  • Digitalization, performed remote commissioning and autotuning
  • Steam turbine services & solutions for cycling power plants
  • Generator on-site repair experiences and capabilities to repair and overhaul other manufacturer's generators



GE Vernova

GE Vernova day

GE Senior Product Manager Simone Serge highlighted GE path to reduced carbon intensity of gas plants and how to position gas power as renewables multiplier. Mandatory attributes to pursue that target are clearly the ability to support demand when it is most needed, reliability, and the possibility to expand the operational envelope beyond the originally intended profile, flexibility.

GE extensively covered the latest GT and plant technical updates, relating solutions and answered end user questions raised during the conference and those collected by the steering committee in advance. GE efforts and expertise are widely recognized as they continue to work on accelerating issues resolution and on increasing successful outage execution rate.

In terms of flexibility, GE talked about evolving challenges and portfolio to help convert them into opportunities - the immediate and most relevant solution being the GT26 HE upgrade. With the 8th upgrade signed during the course of the week, positive feedback was received from users who have implemented the upgrade earlier this year – an irrefutable testimony for the success and maturity of the product.

In the end of conference, GE had a dedicated session on GT26 plant decarbonization with a deeper dive into pre- and post-combustion options including carbon capture technologies.


GE stand

3rd Party Service Providers


Freudenberg’s brand-new spiderMaxx cassette filter celebrated its premiere at this year’s GT26 Users Conference. Thomas Schroth introduced the audience to the product’s unique features and benefits in his lecture “Maximum efficiency and operational reliability. With spiderMaxx. EPA filtration on a new level.”

spiderMaxx is a new cassette filter for multi-stage gas turbine and compressor air intake systems. It boasts unique design features and offers gas turbine users greater efficiency and operational dependability with premium, EPA-level filter performance.

High turbine efficiency and avoiding unplanned downtime are key factors in operating gas-fired power plants. In multi-stage filtration systems, spiderMaxx cassette filters provide optimum protection from particle ingress and moisture even at high volume flows. This prevents performance loss and malfunctions.







Arnold Group, The most advanced Turbine Insulation combined with high performance heating System.

Werner Arnold & Pierre Ansmann from Arnold Group made a presentation of their succesful Advanced Single Layer Turbine Warming System including detailed axial flow steam turbine case study.
It is based on accurate 3-dimensional shaped insulation blankets for perfect fitting to turbine surface.


  • Increased IMA (In Market Availability)
  • Decreased Start-up costs/time
  • Reduced thermal fatigue and longer component MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Operational flexibility
  • Increased monitoring and diagnostics for CBM (Condition based maintenance) programs

  Arnold full services for gas turbines include:

  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Mobile On-Site Machining Services
  • Supply of temporary workers for Mechanical Field Service 
  • Steam turbine heating system for fast start-ups


Turbotect presented how to Improve Compressor Cleaning with Biphase Detergents.

Our biphase, water-based compressor cleaner TUROBTECT 2020 allows to replace solvent based detergents without jeopardizing the cleaning result.

TURBOTECT 2020 is a bi-phase water-based, superior quality cleaner for on- and off-line application with an extremely high cleaning performance comparable to solvent-based cleaners. TURBOTECT 2020 is formulated as a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants and solubilizers in a water-based solution.

Key features:


  • Highly effective water-based compressor cleaner outperforming water-based compressor cleaners
  • Low-foaming
  • High performance with cold or hot water
  • Low non-volatile residue
  • Biodegradable
  • Conforms to the specifications of all major gas turbine manufacturers




Dekomte manufactures fabric and metallic expansion joints and bellows, designed and constructed to compensate for changes in length due to shifting temperatures in duct work. Axial, lateral and angular movements are compensated for.

DEKOMTE expansion joints are available in any geometric shape (round, square, oval, multi-sided) and in any size.

Dekomte explained their solution provider approach to the technologies, selection and criteria for proper expansion joint selection and maintenance, in particular:

  •     Expansion joints for GT26.
  •     Custom designs available for GT26 with special DEKOMTE ‘3WA’ solutions for high cycling applications.

Dekomte also explained reasons for loss of insulation and effects of insulation loss. With DeKomte methods condition of insulation can be inspected at site and corrective solutions provided accordingly.

Jake Waterhouse


In the GT26 user conference there were also present multiple other important 3rd party service providers:

Mechanical Dynamics&Analysis; specialized services range from Combustion, Hot Gas Path, and Major Inspections, as well as, Compressor & Turbine Rotor Repairs to Plant Performance Testing and Analysis. Our capabilities also include providing gas turbine internal alignment, along with vibration analysis and balance (low speed & high-speed.)

Minimax Fire protection; For more than 110 years, Minimax has been one of the leading brands in fire protection. The Minimax Fire Solutions Group has a unique range offering of Fire detection systems and suppression control, Water-based suppression systems, Foam-based suppression systems.

Faist Filtration; FAIST continuously researches media and develops latest air filtration technologies. Important focus is placed on water removal, water resistance and long life, whether with traditional or EPA efficiency.

ITH Bolting technology; ITH Bolting Technology is the worldwide leading system supplier in bolting technology with 4 key competencies:
1.    high-quality bolting tools,
2.    engineering know-how,
3.    innovative fasteners,
4.    and qualified service.

Hughes Technical Services; HTS performs ABB/ALSTOM GT11N/N1,N2,11/13D and GT8 gas turbine, controls and electrical systems commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades, mechanical gas and steam turbine  commissioning and maintenance, EV and standard combustor tuning and adjustments.

UMC Industrial Solutions; Creates savings through the efficiency of the purchasing process which in turn leads to further savings in indirect costs. UMC provides bench tools, gloves, work clothes, protective footwear, various consumables, tools for machining, welding products and many more.

Emerson Controls; Emerson provides controls for all types of gas turbines and for GT36 as an OEM supplier. Emerson solutions are designed to provide increased reliability, reduced maintenance, improved diagnostic capabilities and more precise control. The basis of our turbine control solution is the Ovation™ control system.

ABB Controls; ABB used to be the OEM supplier of Controls for the GT26 gas turbines and most of the units are still operated using ABB controls. ABB provides update packages for all GT26 turbine plants.

vendor fair

vendor fair